The following attributes should give you a good sense of what we believe, how we approach our work, what makes us passionate, and what we look forward to in our partners and clients.



For something to be beautiful, and meaningful, it must first have a strong foundation. That requires starting out with a very clear intention — one that is intellectually rooted in research and strategy. Our process begins with empathetic design methodologies to ensure we understand and embody the needs and desires of our clients.



It’s important to feel connected to and engaged with the spaces we create. We believe in engaging the senses on several levels, creating a sensorial orchestra of experiences which unfold over time, while not being overwhelming. The ultimate goal is an environment that is comforting, but one that also stirs something in you. Our aesthetic is contemporary and highly inspired by context, history, people, travel, movies, talks, laughs and all other small beautiful daily discoveries.



The spaces in which we live and work help set the tone for how we live and work. We believe deeply in designing for optimum health and sustainability. We gravitate toward natural materials, which we do our best to source locally. We respect and value handcrafted pieces for the multi-layered depth they bring. We put a lot of thought into intangible details like warmth and quality of light. 



We love team work and prefer to build the vision through collaboration. We look for clients and artisans with shared values and design language and sensibilities.  MADRE’s aesthetic is both warm and minimal, leaving ample room for our clients to make spaces their own. We merely set the stage for what is possible. We feel strongly about supporting them in developing their creative confidence, enabling them to define their own style, be part and have joy in the process.



We approach our work with an artist’s heart. By this we mean that finishing a project isn’t driven solely by the clock. It’s about having the passion, persistence, permission and presence of mind to tap into the senses and trust the way the environment and materials make us feel. And the courage to press the pause button to explore further options, if need be. The process unfolds over time, and we don’t stop until it feels right.