MADRE is an integrative practice of space design focused on Design for Wellbeing based in San Francisco CA, USA. 


MADRE designs spaces that support and enhance physical, emotional and spiritual health.

We believe that the built environment should prompt feelings of wellbeing as well as opportunities for connection and deeper bonds with what surrounds us — people, nature, cities, countries.

The spaces in which we live and work help set the tone for how we live and work. We believe deeply in designing for optimum health and sustainability. Our spaces are permissive rather than prescriptive, welcoming environments that allow people to write and develop their own stories. While each project is unique in its design expression, we work in collaboration with our clients to create environments that allow people to feel safe, comfortable, inspired and optimistic — the springboards for a healthy and soulful life. 

Our design process is deeply based on research and a holistic human approach, celebrating nature and life.